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Polestar’s Gateway for Pilates Course is a fantastic opportunity to take your passion for Pilates one step further. Learn what is involved in teaching Pilates to enhance your knowledge, or to begin a career teaching Pilates.  With approximately ten hours of self-study, Gateway Online will take you through the history, principles and ethics/practice of teaching Pilates. Four class videos are provided covering eighteen Pilates mat exercises for you to follow. 

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You have probably heard that Pilates focuses on getting better abdominals. But did you know that Pilates is much more than that? Through clear cueing, visual imagery and tactile facilitation of optimal movement patterns, improve your effectiveness as a professional. Enhance your understanding of bio-mechanics, common pathologies and movement assessment to keep your clients safe from injury.

Online Component

The online training is a requirement for all Gateway Pilates students. The online course consists of 3 lectures:

  • Pilates History and Evolution
  • Polestar Movement Principles
  • Professional Ethics and Scope of Practice.

Each of these lectures is followed by a brief online quiz, which you must pass to progress to the next Gateway course module.


£ 99

Redeemable in full if subsequently booking either Polestar Gateway, Mat or Comprehensive course within 3 months.


Online training resources
Video library


How your time is spent

Video Lectures (2 Hours)

Online Quizzes (2 hours)

Self Mastery (6 hours)


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